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Park Dental Research Corporation - Dental Implants

Park Dental Research Corporation

Park Dental Research Corporation - Lew MDI Dental Implants - State of the Art
Park Dental Research is located in the Martin Building New York, New York

The Research Center and Legacy Sales Office are located in the Martin Building, in New York City, NY across the street from the Empire State Building.

Park Dental Research Corporation: One of the oldest and most innovative implant companies in the world.

Park Dental Research Corporation is a pioneering dental implant company established to research, design, develop, manufacture and market high quality devices. Over the past four decades Park Dental Research's product offerings transformed the landscape of implant dentistry. Working directly with the preeminent minds in implantology, Park Dental Research is routinely recognized in the written history of innovation in this industry.

Innovation in the dental field continues to be a driving force in the quest to deliver cost-effective and quality products. Park Dental strives to meet its customer's high expectations of simplicity and world-class customer service. The products offered by Park Dental meet the most stringent production and quality control standards governing the world's medical and dental industry.

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