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Park Dental Research Corporation - Lew MDI Dental Implants - State of the Art
Park Dental Research is located in the Martin Building New York, New York

Park Dental Research is one of the oldest and most respected dental implant companies.

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The Right Company Changes Everything

Park Dental Research offers pioneering products that have become a standard in the dental implant industry. Our products have been designed to improve patient's lives.

  • Lew Implants
  • Regeneration Materials
  • Legacy Products
  • Training Videos & Surgical Protocols
  • Publications & Patient Materials
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Lew MDI Implant
The Right Implant Changes Everything

The main application for the Lew MDI Mini Dental Implant is the stabilization of the full denture in the mandible and maxilla. The line offers a wide variety of dimensions to best address the individual case.

  • Golden Anodized O-Ball
  • Platform Switching Collar
  • Labyrinth Banding
  • Progressive Compression Threading
  • Reverse Buttress Threading
  • Cog Lock Threading
  • Pink Metal Housings

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10/01/2011 - NEW YORK, NY Park Dental Research Corporation acquired by Former IMTEC Owner Ronald A. Bulard from Jack Wimmer.

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