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Lew MDI 3.0 mm Multi-Platform Implants
Features & Benefits

Dental Implants Made with the Highest Quality Standards highest quality dental implants available

O-Ball 3.0 mm Multi-Platform Features & Benefits

The main application for the Lew MDI 3.0 mm Multi-Platform Implant is the replacement of missing teeth in the maxillary arch. The Lew MDI 3.0 mm Multi-Platform Implant can also be used to stabilize full dentures in either the mandibular or maxillary arch when sufficient bone is present.


  • Choice of lengths 10, 11, 13, 15, 17mm
  • Prosthetic options: 3 copings available in creating custom abutments and 2 sizes of silver or pink metal housings
  • Labyrinth Groove Banding
  • Progressive Compression Threading
  • Reverse Buttress Threading
  • Cog Lock Threading
  • Proprietary Etched Surface
  • Biocompatible Titanium Grade V


  • Minimally invasive & ideal for narrow spaces
  • simple 5 step surgical procedure
  • no flap or suturing required
  • designed to prevent tissue migration
  • designed to compress bone and improve implan stability
  • designed to resist pull-out forces
  • designed with anti-rotational cog lock


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