Lew MDI O-Ball Prosthetic Protocol

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1) Lew™ MDI O-Ball Prosthetic Procedure

  • Intra-Oral Retrofitting of a lower denture using the LewTM O-Ball implant and a Metal Housing.
  • Use an acrylic bur to relieve the denture where there is sufficient clearance for the selected Metal Housing.
  • Cut the appropriate sized Block-out Shim and place over the implant O-Ball head. IMPORTANT: The Metal Housing must not interfere with the denture when patient bites firmly. Test the denture intra-orally to confirm seating of the denture while in centric relation (see fig. 7).
  • The Metal Housing must snap on O-Ball head and still easily rotate with the Block-out Shim attached (see fig. 8).
  • Apply petroleum jelly to all areas of the denture to be protected from bonding of JUELL Cure material.
  • Fill the relieved area of the denture with JUELL Cure - Hard reline material. If no metal housing is used then reline the denture with JUELL Cure - Soft over the implants.
  • Place the denture back in the patient’s mouth and instruct patient to close bite gently. IMPORTANT: If Block-out Shim is not in place, the denture may be more difficult to remove (see fig. 9).
  • Allow 7 to 9 minutes for JUELL Cure - Hard to fully cure.
  • Remove, clean, trim flash, and then fill any acrylic voids that may be present with reline material.
  • Remember to always use the Block-out Shim during any soft or hard reline or pickup procedure.
  • Finish denture borders, remove flash material, and then polish to a high luster (see fig. 10).

prosthetic figure 7prosthetic figure 8

prosthetic figure 9prosthetic figure 10

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