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Park Dental Research is located in the Martin Building New York, New York

Park Dental Research is committed to using the highest quality development, production and innovation standards available.

Park Dental Aligners



Over the past five decades Park Dental Research's product offerings transformed the landscape of implant dentistry, 3D technology and aligner fabrication

Why Park Dental Aligners?


Park Dental Aligners allow every dentist to be competitive with emerging mail-order aligner companies. Forget about scheduling multiple patient visits. Minimize chair time by letting Park Dental setup your TX plan and fabricate your aligners. We will ship them directly to your office or to your patient. Park Dental will include patient instructions for your convenience.

By minimizing chair time and utilizing your lab tech or assistants for immediate needs, Park Dental will help your practice be more efficient. Simple program plans such as, On Demand, allow you to pay per appliance with an initial TX plan approval. Or, opt for an all inclusive Full Service package that includes TX plan, revisions, replacements, retainers etc. for 3 years. No hidden fees and huge savings for volume discounts.

Simply upload your digital 3D files or mail your impressions or stone models along with patient photos to Park Dental. Our aligner engineers will use the latest technology to create a custom smile and TX plan per your request. A digital TX plan, tooth movement simulation and optimal smile results will be sent to you for final TX plan approval. When you say “YES”, we begin fabrication.

Park Dental Aligners are fabricated clinically accurate using an FDA 510K cleared process and the highest quality materials.  Park Dental aligner engineers are trained and perform according to FDA & ISO standards. All appliances are 100% inspected for accuracy and adherence to the approved TX plan.


Park Dental Aligners

Open Source Scanners Accepted

We also accept impressions and stone models in addition to digital scans.

Park Dental Aligners


Park Dental Aligners Offers Two Pricing Options

Regardless of the number of appliances ordered, you may select either option after the approval of the initial treatment plan..

On Demand Program*
Full Service Program*

$75 + 22

Pre Approved
TX Plan
Pre Aligner or Retainer


Three years of TX plans, aligners
and retainers

If you choose On Demand pricing, you'll pay for each approved TX plan and each aligner or retainer ordered.


Each time you start or revise a treatment, you will need to approve a new TX plan. You don't need to approve a TX plan to order retainers or replacements.

Aligners and retainers are individually priced. One-arch TX plans are less expensive than treating both arches.

The entire TX plan will be sent in one shipment unless you request a mid-treatment assessment. You will need to approve a new TX plan if you choose a mid-treatment assessment.


If you choose Full Service pricing, you'll pay one flat rate for three years of "Full Service" treatment and appliances.


Full Service program includes any TX plans, aligners or retainers needed to treat one patient which includes: the aligners in your initial order, two refinements and three replacements. Additionally, you may order up to two sets of retainers every six months. Shipping fees not included.

You can order additional products at On Demand pricing when your Full Service Treatment expires.

Appliances will be delivered in phases of up to 12 steps, exactly coordinated with your patient's custom TX plan and aligner schedule.

*Shipping fees not included.  

Save BIG with Volume Discounts

When you place an order, the standard price of TX plans and appliances will be discounted by 10% starting at $10,000 that you have spent on TX Plans and appliances within the previous 90 days, up to a maximum discount of 20%. contact us to learn more about our volume discounts.

Park Dental Preferred Program

Park Preferred Program automatically extends a 20% discount to group practices of 5 or more locations actively using Park Dental Aligners. contact us to learn more about our Dental Preferred Program pricing options.

Park Dental Overflow Services

For offices who already have a 3D printer and fabricate their own aligners, let Park Dental help you with your overflow when you have staffing issues, high production or printer malfunctions. We keep your appliance deliveries on track! contact us to learn more about our overflow services.

*All prices are in U.S. dollars. Volume discounts do not apply to shipping or other additional fees. Dental groups may receive alternative pricing or discounts, as negotiated by their group. This program is subject to change. See terms & conditions for additional definitions and details.


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10/01/2011 - NEW YORK, NY Park Dental Research Corporation acquired by Former IMTEC Owner Ronald A. Bulard from Jack Wimmer.

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