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JUELL™ Cure • Hard

JUELL CURE – Hard is a cold-curing hard relining material for permanently relining dentures. It is simple and quick to use for direct as well as indirect relining.


  • Hard permanent relining
  • Direct and indirect relining
  • Total or partial relining
  • Extensions of denture margins
  • Repairs and enlargements
  • Adaptation layer by layer over years


  • Complete chairside hard relining in 10–15 minutes
  • MMA-free
  • Biocompatible with a neutral taste and smell
  • Low exothermic temperature (98.6 °F)
  • Bubble-free automix application ensures a smooth surface
  • Esthetic and color stable
  • Achieves the same hardness, finishing and cleaning as laboratory-processed relines
  • Easy and time saving working steps


JUELL CURE – Hard contains benzoyl peroxide (catalyst), BIS-GMA, HEDMA, UDMA and acetone (adhesive). Do not use is cases of hypersensitivity (e.g. allergies) to any of these ingredients. If the patient is uncertain about allergies, a patch test should performed by extruding a small amount of JUELL CURE – Hard, allowing it to set, applying it to the patient’s arm and covering it with a piece or gauze of with a band aid for 24 hours. DO NOT apply uncured JUELL CURE – Hard to the skin.

The JUELL Cure- Hard kit contains the following:

  • 50ml safety cartridge of hard pick-up material
  • 10 ml adhesive
  • Mixing Tips
  • Accessories

Requires 10:1 dispensing gun for application.

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JUELL™ Cure • Soft

JUELL CURE – Soft is a self curing, A-silicone based permanent soft denture relining material in 1:1 cartridge system. Its autopolymerizing, cold-curing properties assure that JUELL CURE – Soft is simple and quick to use for direct as well as indirect soft relinings. JUELL CURE – Soft is suitable for all PMMA-based dentures.

The JUELL Cure- Soft kit contains the following:

  • 50ml safety cartridge of soft reline material
  • 10 ml catalyst
  • 10 ml glazing base
  • 10 ml adhesive
  • Accessories


  • Permanent soft relining for total and partial dentures
  • To relieve pressure from pressure spots
  • To dam the palatal vibrating line
  • In cases of flabby ridge and insufficient adhesion
  • To cushion sharp-edged alveolar processes
  • To support the healing process in implantology


  • Complete chairside relining within minutes in one appointment
  • Extremely high adhesion between denture and relining material with a special adhesive
  • Biocompatible, tasteless and odorless
  • Esthetic stable color, shade adaptation effect Lab
  • Fewer working steps than conventional cold-curing products
  • Only 1 minute processing of adhesive and short time period in the pressure unit
  • Relining can be repaired immediately after setting and up to 14 days after initial relining

JUELL CURE – Soft contains silicone compounds and a platinum catalyst. JUELL CURE – Soft adhesive contains butanone and methacrylates. Do not use in cases of known allergies to these ingredients.

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Park Dental™ Dispensing Gun

  • Includes multiple plungers for delivery of all impression materials
  • Controlled dosage and mixing
  • No lubrication required

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