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7 Day Trial Version

Juell 3D Flash OC Software version 11 is now available

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we included all the needed functions and tools to make the process of printing seamless and quicker so that you and your team can spend time on more important things! Below is a list of all the new added features and options that you can look forward to:

3D Printing in a FLASH

  • Ability to import & nest as well as orient multiple models at once.
  • Option to send a print notification of completion to an editable email address.
  • Volume cutting tool that will allow you to section a very large model to print smaller pieces of it to glue together after printing.
  • Trim unwanted “over-scan” of the lip that was not meant to be captured in the scan.
    Add a base a model that is only an open shell STL.
  • We can patch small defects of an STL for better printing results.
  • We can do a mesh reduction for very large models so the pc being used can perform better.
  • More user-friendly way of adding text to models.
  • Option to change the color of your selected model.
  • Ability to measure parts on the virtual build plate.
  • Selectable orientation of the model for quickly laying models down or standing them up.
  • We can 3-D pack models to stack multiple layers of horizontal or vertical models. (depending on the resin vat height.)
    Easy resin registration with use of a resin serial number.
  • Keyboard Hot-Keys for quick manipulation of models.
  • Imbedded training videos for quick reference.
  • Quick access to FAQ for the juell printer and software.
  • Optimized slicing for quicker print speeds.
  • Performance gauge to monitor your pc usage at a glance.
  • Juell 3D support that generates the support and scaffold them to better support models during the print cycle.
  • System to automatically detects the updates and notify the user. User can turn on/off automatic updates
  • Drain Hole with fewer clicks
  • Drag and drop files onto the virtual build plate.
  • Help tab that directs you to Tech Support ticketing software.
  • Added the ability to download a screen recording software to record training videos for specific duties to pass onto your team.
  • Added the option to increase the intensity of the projector light for the first attachment layers to ensure proper adhesion to the build platform.

Please see the below link to download your copy now!
All previous versions prior to this release will no longer be active or useable after August 5, 2019.

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7 or Windows 10(64 bit)
  • CPU:
    • . 64-bit
    • Intel compatible 2.6 GHz or better(intel i5 or better)
    • Dual or Quad core 
  • Memory:
    • 64-bit systems
    • 8 GB recommended minimum
  • Disk Space:
    • 10 GB or more
  • RAM:
    • 64-bit systems
    • 8 GB Recommended Minimum
  • Display:
    • 1280 x 1024 resolution or better (32-bit color depth recommended)
    • Two Display or More

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