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Startanius NRI

Piezo surgically placed Startanius NRI, the future of narrow ridge implants.

Startanius NRI (Narrow Ridge Implant) is 1 mm in diameter at its narrowest point. Coupled with minimally invasive piezo surgical placement and conical taper leading to a hexed screw-retained connection, the implant is designed and tested for long-term stabilization for fixed or removable crown and bridge applications.

This minimally invasive placement presents an advantage in placing implants in minimal bone when other treatment options have been exhausted. Implant success is based on over 40 years of success, if done properly using piezo surgical technology, narrow ridge implants can offer an excellent solution for a number of cases.

All implantologists will be interested in this implant regardless of any previous experience with other brands. Park Dental Research is the leading pioneer in research and development for narrow ridge implants, evolving and changing remarkably through proven innovation and modern technology.


Piezo ultrasonic technology, an emerging new standard in minimally invasive osseous surgery.

NRpiezo+LED uses controlled three-dimensional ultrasonic oscillations for osteotomy and osteoplasty in Implantology, Periodontology, Endodontics and Orthodontic surgery. NRpiezo+LED provides surgical precision and intra-operative sensibility while maintaining safety of the soft tissue.

Startanius Spotlight

Startanius NRI
(Narrow Ridge Implant)
and NR piezo + LED
osteotomy Surgical Unit

This article is written from two perspectives. The first (Lewis) has been placing implants since 1987. The second (Stahl) with less than 10 years’ experience.

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10/01/2011 - NEW YORK, NY Park Dental Research Corporation acquired by Former IMTEC Owner Ronald A. Bulard from Jack Wimmer.

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