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Startanius NRI implants

Startanius NRI

The Narrow Ridge Implant

All of the advancements that have been developed over the last 20 years are honored in this exciting implant. Startanius™ NRI is made of surgical titanium that is ideal for subcrestal placement and undisturbed osseointegration. All possible exchangeable or removable abutment configurations are available including snap-on, fixed and fixed removable. The Startanius™ NRI high surface area maximizes integration strength, outperforms root form implants in the narrow ridge and makes implant-retained prosthetics available in scenarios where there is lack of bone.

Benefits to the Dental Patient

The new achievements (listed above) give patients hope and a chance to overcome the bad news that their bone was not good enough for implants. They will appreciate the fact that this is an uncomplicated procedure.

Dentists will have the ability to replace teeth where they had no good options before.

My office sees many denture wearers with atrophied ridges. For some, implant-retained dentures were simply not an option in the past because of their poor anatomy. The Startanius™ NRI solves this problem by having minimal width, great surface area, and interchangeable abutments.

Startanius NRI 8mm implant


Startanius NRI 10mm implant


Startanius NRI 12mm implant


Startanius NRI 14mm implant


Piezo surgically placed Startanius™ NRI, the future of narrow ridge surgery

Startanius™ NRI is 1mm in diameter at its narrowest point. Coupled with minimally invasive piezoelectric placement and conical taper leading to a hexed-screw retained connection, the implant is designed and tested for long-term stabilization for fixed or removable crown and bridge applications.

Startanius NRI 10mm implant